An incredible true story about the UK’s first art heist, the theft of Goya’s Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery. Life rights and story rights acquired by Neon Films. Currently in development with Pathé and writers Richard Bean and Clive Coleman.


A film about the awe inspiring life of Dame Evelyn Glennie, a musical prodigy who lost her hearing at the age of 12 and went on to become the world’s first and foremost solo percussionist. Written by James Anthony Pearson, it is a co-production with The Other Producer, and development has been financed by the BFI and Creative Scotland.


As Annie, brimming with vengeance, delves deeper into the circumstances of her daughters’ disappearance, her investigation leads her on a journey to horrific and unexpected places. Whatever it takes, whatever the cost, Annie must get in the driving seat if she is going to survive. Thriller by James Brown and Samantha Collins


The Ark Spacecraft is a “generation ship” on a far-reaching interstellar mission. A group of teenagers born on the ship become obsessed with investigating their human histories and the real purpose of the mission.  They will go to extreme measures to discover their own identities, even though it may destroy the only existence they have ever known. Original Sci-Fi concept by Becca Ellson and Alessandro Lilla, development supported by The Wellcome Trust.